ARTIST - Gabriela Jaramillo Soto

ARTIST - Gabriela (Gaby) Jaramillo Soto (1997 - )

Studies plastic arts at Universidad Nacional de Loja (UNL).

Recent exhibitions include "Mizizi" roots Samay Ayapash-soul and spirit (“MIZIZI” RAÍCES SAMAY AYAPASH- ALMA Y ESPÍRITU) and "Ancient Ancestral Art" (Arte Anígena Ancestral) in 2019.

Artist quotes:
"My art is indigenous-Ancestral and social cut. The proposal I'm finally developing is an ancestral tribute. All that hidden memory, which for some reason is lost, I rescue it. Every proposal becomes autobiographical. I've looked inside of me to find myself. That land is where I grew up and has its story." "I just know that I give the best of me that I give everything I can and I have, I fight, I effort, someday everything will be worth it."

ARTIST - Sofia Vivanco

ARTIST - Sofía Vivanco  (1997 - )

Recent exhibitions include “Abstraction of sensibility” at the Pittura Gallery (2018), “Imaginarios patrimoniales en el Festival de Artes Vivas de Loja” (2017).

ARTIST - Ramiina Peralta Medina *

ARTIST - Ramiina Peralta Medina  (1997 - )

Studied Plastic Arts and Graphic Design at Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL).

ARTIST - Andrea Luna

ARTIST - Andrea Estefanía Luna Correa  (1992 - )

Studied Visual Arts and Design at Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL). Her thesis is titled "Fragments. Sensation and experience of a depressive body."

Recent exhibitions include the collective art show for the launch of "Se Acabó La Tinta #5" at Howard Johnson's (2018), "Wakán Espiritu/Rara Tangara" 2018, “Expo Mascaras” at Museo del Ministerio de Cultura 2017, “Simbiosis” in La Casa de Manuel 2016.

ARTIST - Anabel Robles

ARTIST - Anabel Robles

Recent exhibitions include "VI Collective Exhibition Arte-Mujer" 2018 in the Sala Eduardo Kingman, and "Wabi-Sabi" in the Casona Cultural 2018.

ARTIST ~ Eduardo Kingman

ARTIST - Eduardo Kingman Riofrío  (1913 - 1997)

Born in Loja, Eduardo is known as "the painter of hands" and was regarded as one of the masters of twentieth century expressionism.   He studied at the School of Fine Arts in Quito, with stops in Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia, and in the United States at the San Francisco Art Institute.  Eventually he received a chair at the same institute, was the director of Quito's Colonial Art Museum, and a owned private gallery also in Quito.  While living in Quito, he became the protege of other famous Lojanos like writers Bejamin Carrion and Pablo Palacio. 

His lithographs, woodcuts, and paintings concentrated on the social realities of Ecuador's indigenous people.  The artisit's deeply humanistic style captured the range of emotions from anguish, anger, and impotence in the face of injustice, to the quieter feelings of tenderness and devotion.  As well as painting, Eduardo wrote and was a social crusader for human rights.


ARTIST - Carlos Fabian Vega

ARTIST - Carlos Fabián Vega Jiménez

Studied Art and Design at Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL).