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EL ZAÑE Colectivo on the streets

The Art Scene of Loja Ecuador (presented in English language) is dedicated to highlighting the incredible amount of visual art talent available in the city and its surrounds.

Loja is known as the "Cradle of Artists" but for far too long this moniker has only been applied to musicians. Granted, there is excellent musical talent here, and many famous musicians and composers have come come from Loja. Now it is time to expand the "Cradle of Artists" to include the artists who fill our eyes with amazing images.

Fortunately we are not alone in this endeavor. The art collective EL ZAÑE, for one example, is actively promoting art in the public spaces of Loja. As well, CCE administrator Diego Villavicencio has been finding wonderful - and often unknown or fresh - talent to fill his two galleries on a monthly basis.

Certainly, art is best appreciated when seen "up close and personal." There is no substitute for seeing the original work but Loja's somewhat remote location in Ecuador means that many artists will never been discovered without a presence on the worldwide web.

Thus our approach is to assemble these brief glimpses of the artists and various venues into one online location using this blog. The authors of this site are simply two art enthusiasts. We have no claim to having any artistic talent of our own but we "know it when we see it." We love art and want to see these creators become known to a broader audience, and to do well and succeed in their fields.

Maybe, if we are successful, visitors to Loja will come for the art, and stay for the music.

P.S. The information and images in this site are assembled from a variety of print materials and internet sources. We, the authors of this website, receive no compensation, or in any way generate an income, from these posts. We have nothing to sell except the idea that Loja truly is a cradle of artists.


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