Help! Missing artists, info!

Are you the missing piece?

As stated on our "About" page, we are simply two art afficionados who love the plethora of visual arts to be found in Loja. We have attended many art openings and exhibitions, and even visited several artist studios in the year and a half since moving to the city. We've seen and or met a lot of artists but we know full well that there are more out there.

This website is not meant to be totally inclusive of every talented person in Loja, in part because new ones arise monthly. But we do want to identify as many as we can so that: 1) we can enjoy their work and watch their development, and 2) we can help promote them to a wider audience through the worldwide web.

Therefore we need your help. If you are a Lojano artist visiting this website and do not find that we have mentioned you then please contact us and submit information so we can correct the omission. There is a contact form in the left-hand menu so we can start a conversation.

Also, if you are an artist who we have written about and we made an error, or you have some biographic info that would improve our blog post, then please use the contact form so we may update our site and make it even better.

Thank you.


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