ARTIST - Gabriela Jaramillo Soto

ARTIST - Gabriela (Gaby) Jaramillo Soto (1997 - )

Studies plastic arts at Universidad Nacional de Loja (UNL).

Recent exhibitions include "Mizizi" roots Samay Ayapash-soul and spirit (“MIZIZI” RAÍCES SAMAY AYAPASH- ALMA Y ESPÍRITU) and "Ancient Ancestral Art" (Arte Anígena Ancestral) in 2019.

Artist quotes:
  1. "My art is indigenous-Ancestral and social cut. The proposal I'm finally developing is an ancestral tribute. All that hidden memory, which for some reason is lost, I rescue it. Every proposal becomes autobiographical. I've looked inside of me to find myself. That land is where I grew up and has its story." 
  2. "I just know that I give the best of me that I give everything I can and I have, I fight, I effort, someday everything will be worth it."

Ñawikuna (Faces)


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