PUBLIC GALLERY CURATOR - Diego Villavicencio

"La Mar" (The Sea)

ARTIST, CURATOR - Diego Paúl Villavicencio Ordóñez 

Administrador Salas de Exposición CCE LOJA for Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana Benjamín Carrión Núcleo de Loja, curates Loja's two national art galleries.  The small galleries, located on Bernardo Valdivieso Street, a main north-south corridor, are open alternatively in the morning and afternoon every weekday.  

The main gallery, named for internationally renowned Loja painter Eduardo Kingman, is located at the corner of Bernardo Valdivieso and Rocafuerte streets, and is open from 4 to 7 pm.  The second public gallery is named for Loja's most famous painter of religious and devotional art, Ángel Rubén Garrido.  This small but active gallery, located at Bernardo Valdivieso and and Colón Streets, is open to the public during working days from 9 am to 1 pm.

You will usually find Diego at the galleries during their open hours, or he is very reachable via the CCE's websites and social media.  Diego has organized a very ambitious program of over 24 openings, one each month in each gallery, plus short one and two-day exhibits in between the larger exhibits.  An accomplished artist himself, it is his goal to bring national and international attention to Loja's contemporary artists.  Visitors and collectors who would like an introduction to emerging and established artists of the region will find no better place to begin than with Diego, who will discuss these subjects in both fluent Spanish and English. 

“Proceso de autorretrato” (Self-portrait process)

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Photo: Arte del Sur


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