ART VENUE - Museo de la Música

ART VENUE - Museum - Museo de la Música. 

The Museo de la Música (Music Museum) of Loja is dedicated to the history of music in the region,  but offers up its open courtyard to host rotating art exhibits, generally changing each month.

The museum is the result of a consortium of entities in Loja working together since 2000 to restore the original site of the Bernardo Valdivieso (Colegio) High School: The National University of Loja, the current Bernardo Valdivieso School, The Casa de la Cultura (CCE), The Loja Symphony Orchestra, The Salvador Bustamente Celi Music Conservatory, and the "Edgar Palacios" and "Nature and Culture" foundations.   

The restored building complex housing the museum includes preserved buildings of the Casona Universitaria, Teatro Bolívar, and Antiguo Colegio Bernardo Valdivieso.  The museum is located on Valdivieso Street in the home of, and then school named for, Bernardo Valdivieso.  The prominent 19th century Lojano namesake of the street and schools was a liberal educator who founded the city's first secondary school.  Admission to the museum is free, and the art exhibits are typically located in the first courtyard of the old Spanish colonial Colegio Bernardo Valdivieso.  

The Music Museum is on Bernardo Valdivieso Street between Miguel Riofrío and Vicente Rocafuerte Street, Loja, Ecuador

Monday through Friday: 8am - 6pm
Closed Saturday and Sunday

+593 (07) 256-0033


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