VENUE - Museum of Archaeology and Loja Culture

One corner of a 2016 exhibit

VENUE - Museum of Archaeology and Cultura Lojana (Museo de Arqueologia y Lojanidad de la UTPL)

The museum offers a combination of permanent and temporary exhibitions. The large front lobby is a gallery space that hosts rotating exhibits of varying subjects, including contemporary art.

Dr. Sofía Sanz, director of the Department of Architecture and Arts, main lobby

Located on the campus of the Technical University of Loja (just inside the main gate on the left). The museum's mission is to rescue and promote the culture of Ecuador and Loja. Opened to the public in 2004, there is a collection of original tools and utensils of 1600 pieces of Ecuadorian archeology typical of the city and province of Loja.

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Phone: +593 07 257-0275

Scheduled open hours: Monday to Sunday 9 am to 6 pm (closes for lunch)

Address: San Cayetano Alto, Marcelino Chanpagnat street


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