VENUE - Museum of the Central Bank of Ecuador

A portion of the 2007 exhibit titled "The Pictorial World of Mónica Sarmiento"

Museum of the Central Bank of Ecuador (Museo del Banco Central del Ecuador)

Next to the governor's office at the southern end of Loja's Central Square is the old Central Bank.  The site now houses the Museum of Lojana History and Culture.  Inside the early colonial style building is an omnibus display of subjects, each exhibit gallery with a different theme ranging from archeology, nature, colonial Loja, to notable Lojanos like doctor and politician Matilde Hidalgo de Prócel, artist Eduardo Kingman, journalist and diplomat Benjamín Carrión, Ecuadorian President Isidro Ayora, and author Pablo Palacio.  The museum is often a visual art venue with public galleries in the front of the ground floor offering periodic displays of modern and contemporary artists.  

Museum is currently closed while undergoing renovation.

Located facing Parque Central at 10 de Agosto (between Bernardo Valdiviezo and Bolívar)


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