ARTIST - Bayardo Cuenca

ARTIST - Bayardo Cuenca  (1966 - )

Having studied art at both the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL) and at Universidad Nacional de Loja (UNL), Bayardo Cuenca could be considered one of the deans of sculpture in Loja.  His is a very personal vision of figurative clay modeling.  Often with intricate multi-chrome glazes, Bayardo's small but instantly recognizable pieces are usually no more than a foot and a half in height.  Bayardo describes his plump figures as having a “stylized volume” which attempt to occupy all available space, and thus do not "fit" into the standard [aesthetic] canon.  He appears to introduce a third term that does not conform to the usual representational polarity of beauty versus beast or monstrosity.  The sculptor hopes “…that a non-ideal canon can become beautiful….”   For Bayardo, "Joy is the essence of a work of art with a volume that overflows its limits."
Manuel Agustín Aguirre Avenue & Manuel Monteros Street, Loja 
Phone : +593 095 893 1134


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