Artist Designed House - Yorqui's "Camera"

Yorqui Llacxaguanga's camera-shaped house

Artist Designed House - Yorqui Llacxaguanga's "Camera"

A unique building and property, exhibiting extreme attention to detail and careful planning. The interior side of the garden walls are adorned with mosaics. The ground floor contains an art gallery. Throughout all three upper floors are additional works of art collected over several decades.

One example of the careful planning is evident in how the windows of the first floor act like additional paintings as they frame a view of the exterior mosaics. Even the location of the property speaks to "Why a camera?" The answer is evident when exiting onto the balcony that surrounds the "flash" and the panoramic view of Loja which appears is one of the best available in the valley.

One section of the garden walls, designed to look like a roll of exposed film

The property is open to visitors by appointment. Contact Jonathan Poma to arrange an opportunity.


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