ARTIST - Tamara Jima*

"Gato come peces" “Cat eats fish” (2016)

ARTIST - Tamara Silvana Jima Gonzalez

Studied art and design at the Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja (UTPL). Tamara employs line and color to create images of fantasy and whimsy (be sure to check out her Instagram postings).

Tamara's thesis for her degree - "Fantasy and movement generated by clean energies, in sculpture" - is available online here (text in Spanish). It is a fascinating review of automatons throughout history up to, and including, their use today. The image above from the thesis shows Tamara's completed metal sculpture with revolving fish.

“Niña remolacha y su cuervo” “Beet girl and her raven” (2018)

Photo by Arte del Sur


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