ARTIST - Aquiles Salinas *

ARTIST - Aquiles Salinas Ochoa

Studio: Iki Arte

Aquiles believes that art can be a moving force for political good. He lives by the motto "Full self-awareness in every act of our life" and urges others to do the same.

Aquiles uses a wide variety of techniques to communicate his ideas: murals, mosaics, painting, photography (still and cinema), typography, graphic illustrations, assemblages, and more. He is also adept in the use of social media and traditional media (radio, TV, newspapers) to broadcast messages.

Studied Design at Universidad del Azuay and Lic. Artes Plasticas at Loja Unida. Attended Colegio Experimental Bernardo Valdivieso Patron Bernardo.

Manages the El ZAÑE Colectivo.

illustration for Saraguro

studio logo

Photo by Arte del Sur


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