ARTIST - David Moscoso

"Cotopaxi" by H. David Moscoso E., 2009

ARTIST - H. David Moscoso Estupiñan  (honorable mention)

Even though this website is focused on the art scene in Loja, some Ecuadorian artists are just TOO good to not name. David Moscoso of Quito is definitely in that category.

David Moscoso: "The landscape is the genesis that defines our identity"

Thomas Lee Jones (Editor Newsweek Magazine / Director SP Forbes Magazine) is quoted as saying, "His work, reminiscent of Frederic Edwin Church and Martin Johnson Heade, is truly impressive. In a world where so much of current art seems either incomprehensible or just plain ugly, discovering the paintings of David Moscoso Estupiñan is like arriving at an exotic and tranquil corner of paradise."

Ambato Cathedral ceiling mural



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