ARTIST - Edwin Bermeo*

“Esquirlas para un Talisman” (Shrapnel for a talisman) 2017

ARTIST - Edwin Bermeo (1981 - )

Studied art at National University of Loja (UNL). Edwin's surrealist works are accomplished using a variety of techniques, including charcoal, ink, acrylics, oil, mixed media and engraving. One can see some influence by Picasso and Salvador Dali, but Edwin's style is uniquely his own.

Edwin has been in numerous exhibitions and also in leadership roles relating to the visual arts in Loja, including being director of the "Plastic Arts" section of the House of Culture Núcleo de Loja from 2014-2016.

Nowadays one will usually find Edwin working at the “El Grito” Gallery and Workshop.

“DÉBORA SILVER” (Deborah Silver) 2016


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