ARTIST - Fabián Figueroa (fafo)

Portion of Simon Bolivar mural by fafo, location: opposite Loja City Gate

ARTIST - Fabián Augustín Figueroa Ordóñez, aka fafo  (1954-2008)

Director of the School of Arts at the Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL) for 16 years, he inspired many of today's current Lojano artists. He produced works on canvas, sculpture, ceramics, mosaics and murals - being perhaps best known for his murals. A quick way to see several examples of his muralism is by touring the campus of UTPL where the exteriors of numerous buildings are adorned by his work.  A focal point of the campus is his monumental cross.

According to fellow Lojano artist and contemporary, Angel Aguilar, Fabián unconsciously quoted and then transcended many of the important genres of the twentieth century with the aim of being expressively free.  Hints of synthetism, surrealism, cubism, abstraction, and the hyperreal flow through the artist's unique and recognizable vision. 

Online obituary in the local Loja newspaper:


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