ARTIST ~ Luis Miguel Cisneros Galindo

ARTIST - Luis Miguel Cisneros Galindo  (1987 - )

Studied at Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja (UTPL) and the Instituto Tecnológico Superior Sudamericano - Loja. Owner of the Madriguera Café - Art Shop.

Luis has an excellent command of the graphic arts, especially evident in the way he uses repetitive images to create a singular, larger image. Much of his prolific work is also geared toward smaller objects of art to be more affordable and have a wider audience dissemination - such as stickers, buttons, cards, t-shirts, stuffed dolls, and even jewelry. This is not to slight his expansive works because he has contributed many fine murals to the Loja scene.

In addition to the more common art techniques of Lojano artists, Luis also produces works using woodcuts and silkscreens.

Luis' thesis for UTPL, "Creating a Fanzine" (Creación de un Fanzine), is available online in Spanish.


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