ARTIST - Miguel Tinizaray

“For thy promise bellawed” (digital drawing)

ARTIST - Miguel Tinizaray

Miguel is from Loja, currently living in Norway. From the artist's official bio:

  • "My name is Miguel Tinizaray. I am a native Ecuadorian visual artist/multiartist. I have been living for several years in Maura, a village of Nannestad, Norway. My academic studies were done back in Ecuador where I became a physics-mathematics high school teacher. Later in my life I moved to the United States, living in New York City and Newark New Jersey where I worked as Graphic designer. This gave me lots of opportunities to grow as an artist. I worked for over a year making reproductions of Giuseppe Armani. 
  • "I am a self-taught artist and now I share my time between teaching and making art. I consider myself a creator of images. For me getting the picture perfect is what counts, whether traditional, digital methods, or mixing both are applied."

Recent exhibition: “Retrospective From Gothic to Eros” (2018) was in the Sala Eduardo Kingman.

Video of the painting process for "The Shaman's call II"...

“The fallen sanguine” (drawing on paper)


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