ARTIST - Monica Sarmiento Castillo

"Tree" (2004) embossing and painting by hand

ARTIST - Mónica Sarmiento Castillo  (1967 - )

Studied Fine Arts at Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL). Born and educated in Loja, currently living in Spain.

Artist's philosophy (from her blog): In her works, Monica manages pictorial concepts with traditional techniques, following the concepts of pre-Columbian art. Her works delve into the investigation of nature, exploring different materials in painting, sculpture, collage, drawing, glass and others. Chromatic and constructivist structuring are characteristic of her work...The artist creates visual effects from the integration of form, volume and space. Different planes recreate a constructivist structural language in which the experience of the subject and its conceptual philosophy are united, originating works that the artist calls 'chromatic textures'."

Exhibitions include multiple cities and countries around the world, including Beirut, Berlin, Chicago, Miami, New York, Paris, San Francisco, Shanghai, Washington, Korea, Cuba, and Spain.

"Cosmos in nature" (2003)
"Leaf-Bird" collage sculpture


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