ARTIST - Pablo Davalos

ARTIST - Pablo Davalos (1977- )

Studied at Universidad de Cuenca and Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL), plus music education at Loja Unida. Pablo's love for music is evident in his visual and sculptural art - he often portrays famous musicians through his own unique perspective.

Speaking about his exhibition in Sala Ángel Rubén Garrido of paintings and sculptures titled "Mystery 38” (2016): "Mystery 38 is my new expression, the works in painting and sculpture show the deepest mysteries, that at my 38 years I still do not solve. It is an encounter with my various selves, which inhabit a somewhat lost mind. Fear, paranoia, loneliness, dreams and longings, etc. Combined with the mystic numbers, mathematics and music have caused the escape to the visible world, of everything that wandered into my unconscious and wished to show itself."

Psychotic Clown and Dalí


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