ARTIST - Yorqui Llacxaguanga*

One of a series titled "Idilios de mi Paleta" (Idylls of my Palette)
From 2010 exhibition, Art Gallery of the National Archeological Museum of Lambayeque, Peru

ARTIST - Yorqui Augusto Llacxaguanga Ramirez (1974 - )

Owner of the Pinceladas Gallery and Art Supply Store and designer of Yorqui's Camera House.

In only 25 years of painting, Yorqui has been represented in over 70 solo and group exhibitions around the world, including Mexico, Paraguay, Bolivia, Peru, and most recently in France. His works have graced book covers and cultural magazines. His published books include: Idylls of My PaletteMemory, and Sketches of a Lover. He has also won numerous awards and is the president of Asociación de Artistas Plásticos y Visuales de Loja (association of visual artists in Loja).

Arte del Sur interview from 2015 (in Spanish):


Telephone:  +593 07 258-1326, or +593 098 772-1002


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