EXHIBITION - Lojano eats dog*

“Logano come Lojano” (Lojano eats Lojano) by Emilio Seraquive

EXHIBITION - Lojano eats dog (Lojano come perro)

November 16-18, 2016 featured seven artists in a live event on Santa Domingo Square.

Included Edwin Burmeo, Emilio Seraquive, Diego Abril, Cesar Mallaguari, Pablo Alvear, Fredy Gonzales, and Rafael Valdivieso.

The project had a pictorial theme of the idiosyncrasies of Loja, through slang, legends and customs and at the same time used irony of the "lojano como perro" jargon with joking. There is an urban legend that says that the meat of dogs is consumed here in Loja, and that it resembles pork.

Following the event of November, the art was again exhibited in La Casa de Manuel that December:



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