ARTIST - Diego Vinicio Espinosa Aguirre

Christ the Redeemer

ARTIST - Diego Vinicio Espinosa Aguirre  (1970 - )

Studied Fine Art at Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja (UTPL).

We'll call Diego an "exterior artist" since most all of his works are located outdoors. He creates monuments, murals, busts and stained glass windows using a variety of materials that include copper, bronze, aluminum, fiberglass, ferro cement, cast cement and, of course, glass.  Originally a painter and muralist, he began sculpting in earnest in 1995.  His accessible style has garnered a plethora of public and private commissions in Loja and throughout the country.  It is impossible to tour Ecuador without seeing his work.

Quite a few of the artist's monuments are three-dimensional symbols for the cities or towns where they are installed, such as an ear of corn, birds endemic to the area, a giant ant, a pack mule, etc. His busts and statues of famous people include musicians, politicians, clergy, physicians, and even Spanish conquistadors. His three dimensional murals are particularly stunning.  In Loja, Diego's monumental bas relief can be seen outside the sports coliseum at Brazil and University streets.  His colorful dragon sculptures are part of the Chinese display at Jipiro Park, and a large bronze grouping is at the City Gate. 

Artist's statement: "Art is a tool in the hands of man that serves to enhance the beauty of the human spirit, creating with the imagination an infinity of paths for the delight of the senses."

Mural to the road development in Loja and in honor of Ing. Julio Hidalgo González


Phone:  +593 072-581754,  089805857,  098467881
Location: 18 de noviembre 02-19 y Juan de Salinas Loyola, Loja


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