ARTIST - Favio Caraguay

"Yakumama" (Mother), acrylic on canvas

ARTIST - Favio Caraguay

From Loja province, now living in Quito. Studied Interior Design and Plastic Arts at Loja Unida. Studied Anthropology and Art at the University of Cuenca and achieved a Master of Visual Arts at the Cuenca University. Currently a profesor at Universidad San Francisco of Quito, and a shamanic artist at Caraguay.

Artist's statement: "My artistic work has been characterized at all times by using the languages ​​of drawing, painting and photography. The development of the work arises from having direct contact with the transformations of radical cycles of nature in the dry forest of Mangahúrco and from the approach with the pre-Columbian work of the original peoples of the Paltas."

“Homenaje al maestro Manuel Serrano” (Tribute to master Manuel Serrano)


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