ARTIST - Boris Salinas

ARTIST - Boris Salinas Tomás Ochoa  (1971 - )

Boris eschews the internet in favor of one-on-one interactions with individuals and the public. A prolific sculptor, he loves to share his studio and knowledge with numerous students, mentoring their innate abilities into refinement.

Working from his compound housing hand-built, uniquely decorated studios and residences for his extended family, Boris has pursued his passion since leaving the arts program at UTPL, Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja.  See the post about "Artist Designed Houses" for more on the Salinas compound.

Boris is a painter, but mainly does figurative sculpture in fine terra-cotta clay available from the surrounding hills.  The 46-year-old artist's social realism, known for very fine work, especially in the fabric folds and other clothing items, packs an impossible amount of detail into his typical 15 inch piece.  He says his influences are as diverse as Michelangelo, Velázquez, and Central American Francisco Zúñiga.  Boris is a fixture of local exhibits and pubic art in Loja.  It is well worth the time to visit his studio.

"Everything we have done is developed based on experience and the numerous obstacles that give us knowledge or enough wisdom to improve every day. Also, I do not believe that the true artist is one who works with fanaticism all day long; the body needs to be nourished by other important energies, the Green, the Instinct, the Sons, the Wife, the rest, the game, the Friends, the Art, the Ideology, the Patience, the Anxiety, the Cold, the Heat, the Joy, Pain and details with eight sometimes insignificant legs ... that give us greater wealth and spiritual and moral strength to work and sustain us in this difficult globalized world full of fashion and anti-values."
Boris Salinas ( interview)

Picture - Arte del Sur


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