Artist Designed House - Salinas Brothers' Compound

One of many artist-built mosaics lining the interior garden walls

Artist Designed House - Salinas Brothers' Compound

Brothers Boris and Aquiles Salinas have constructed one of the most unique artist residences within Loja, with each adding their own special touches according to their artistic talents. Both men adhere to a philosophy of living gently on the earth, which translates into using mainly found materials for construction and decoration.

Boris's pottery studio is open to the exterior, allowing nature to penetrate within. Of special note is the fact that Boris mentors numerous students by allowing them access to his studio. Adjoining the studio is a newly opened art gallery - works of art by Boris and his children are available for sale here.

Aquiles's painting studio - "Iki Arte" - is located on the second floor, where the expansive windows command a great view of the southern part of Loja. Aquiles's wife and daughter are also artists in their own right, so the entire building is filled to the brim with talent.

The gardens host a huge array of cacti in addition to other flora, and all is accented by statues, mosaics, and various "glittery objects" - all creating a visual feast for the eyes.

Open hours:  unlisted

Location:  corner of Calle Shiris and Inés Jimenez


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