ARTIST - Tania Sáez Pezo

“En mi memoria” (In my memory) 2009

ARTIST - Tania Sáez Pezo

Art teacher in the High School Beatriz Cueva de Ayora. Former teacher of Art and Design at Universidad Tecnica Particular de Loja (UTPL).  Studied Master of Pedagogy at UTPL. Studied visual arts, painting and design at UTPL. Daughter of artist Gerardo Sáez.

Recent exhibitions include Loja del Alma Mia, Arte Mujer 2018, XV Binacional de Artes Plasticas y Visuales Ecuador - Peru 2017, and the Collective Exposition “Sinfonia Visual” in the Museum of Music (2017).

As of 2016, her work had progressed through three stylistic stages: surrealism, cubism and expressionism.

"I intend to leave an indelible imprint of my being a woman and the chronicle of my surroundings."

“Autorretrato con mis hijos” (Self-portrait with my children) 2001

Photo by Arte del Sur


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