Student and Emerging Artists of Loja*

Bachelor of Arts in Visual Arts available at UTPL
Image of  one of the Huesos de Buda muralits,
young artists of Loja who have arrived on the world stage.

Loja, as the cutting edge of developing visual art in southern Ecuador, is one of the country's best kept secrets.  Two art programs, one at UTPL (Universidad Técnica Particular de Loja) a private university, and another at UNL (Universidad Nacional de Loja) the public university, have trained generations of technically advanced art students.  The sad news is that UNL is cutting their arts program, making an advanced arts degree out of reach for many talented young people in Southern Ecuador.

Fortunately, support and encouragement of young artists by Lojano artists with established careers comes from masters such as sculptor and painter Boris Salinas, who gives extensive instruction to the next generation of artists.  Boris' brother, painter Aquiles Salinas Ochoa and other well-known local artists like Bayardo Cuenca, have also formed a collective supporting young artists in and out of the academy entitled El ZAÑE Colectivo, named for a prominent Andean mountain peak in Loja's northern landscape.

Last, but certainly not least, is the unwavering and enthusiastic encouragement given to young artists by the energetic curator of the CCE (Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana Benjamín Carrión Núcleo de Loja) public art galleries in Loja, Diego Villavicencio.  Diego, an artist himself and alumni of UTPL, early in his curatorial tenure at the national gallery outposts, raised the bar substantially helping Boris Salinas, and others at Loja's CCE, organize a year long show of artists under 20 titled Promesas, ArteLojano in 2018.  The inaugural group show presented 14 student and emerging artists, some still in high school. In the following months, most of the artists were given solo exhibits at CCE.  The series of exhibits have showcased the best young painters, sculptors, and multi-media artists.

Below is an index, a list in progress, of Loja's best young artists.  Many participated in "Promesas, ArteLojano, CCE 2018."  A number of them have biographies in thus blog.  You'll see their HTML links.  This list will serve as a quick reference for important artists in Loja's burgeoning young art scene.  We assure you this is only the tip of the iceberg. 

VeróniCa Aguirre 

Augusto Arteaga, Promesas, ArteLojano, CCE

Rubén Astudillo, Promesas, ArteLojano, CCE 

Oscar Benitez Promesas, ArteLojano, CCE 2018

Nieves Gualan, Promesas, ArteLojano, CCE 2018

Tamara Jima, Promesas, ArteLojano, CCE 2018

José Vicente Larrea, Promesas, ArteLojano, CCE 2018

Francisco Ordoñez, Promesas, ArteLojano, CCE 2018

Jessica Morocho, Promesas, ArteLojano, CCE 2018

Natalia Salinas, Promesas, ArteLojano, CCE 2018

Gabriel Salinas, Promesas, ArteLojano, CCE 2018

Jimmy Simbaña, Promesas, ArteLojano, CCE 2018

Danny Sarango, Promesas, ArteLojano, CCE 2018

Giselle Valareso, CCE 2018

Pablo Villa, CCE 2018


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